NEW PRODUCTS - 2018-05-09

LEDiL new product - PETUNIA2 LEDiL New product - STRADA-IP-2X6-G2 LEDiL New Product - SITARA LEDiL New Product - FLORENTINA-BW LEDiL New Product - LINNEA end caps LEDiL New Product - CARMEN-SS LEDiL New Product - HB-SQ-W and - WWW LEDiL new product - STRADA-2X2-T2-M LEDiL new product - STRADA-2X2-T3-M LEDiL new product - STRADELLA-8-HV-ME-N LEDiL New Product - STRADELLA-16-T3 LEDiL New Product - STRADELLA-IP-28-VSM


Grow your crops with LEDiL PETUNIA2, an improved version optimized for the latest LEDs for the horticultural industry. The compact size allows easy integration, especially for consumer products.


2nd generation 2X6 optics for industrial lighting now available. Mechanically compatible with the previous LEDiL 2X6 series with up to IP67 ingress protection against dust and water. Optimized for flat high-power LEDs and compatible with up to 5050 size LED packages.


New cost-effective lens family for street lighting. Made from PC and optimized for flat SMD LEDs. Available as single lenses and up to IP67 2X2 lens modules.


Achieve glare-free task lighting with as low as 17 UGR with a new batwing-type beam for FLORENTINA-12X1. Ideal for installing above desks facing each other. Also available as a single TINA-BW lens for custom housings.


END CAP accessories now available for ZT25 and Z2T25 beam variants.


10° smooth spot beam with improved colour mixing capabilities for retail lighting. Ideal for creating clear contrast between highlighted objects and their surroundings. Compatible with LEDiL HEKLA and 3rd party connectors from Bender+Wirth.


~60° and 80° degree beams for high-bay lighting with a 25 x 25 mm footprint.


New STRADA beams for street lighting with IESNA Type II & III Medium light distributions. Lenses have excellent back light control, illuminance uniformity and cutoff.


50 x 50 mm 8-up lens module for street lighting. Meets EN13201 M-class requirements where road width is less than pole height. Designed for high poles and supports high voltage circuit designs.


50 x 50 mm 16-up lens module for street lighting with IESNA Type III Medium beam for typical road lighting setups.


100 x 100 mm 28-up lens module with IESNA Type V (square) light distribution for outdoor area lighting and high mast installations. Ingress protection for up to IP67 and available in both PMMA and PC.