NEW PRODUCTS - 2019-08-27

Introducing some new linear solutions for retail, office and general lighting. Find out more about the new variants for CLAUDIA, LINDA, LINNEA and DAISY here. Our TYRA family of compact reflectors also has a few new members for you to meet.

LEDiL new CLAUDIA-Z2T25 linear LED lensCLAUDIA-Z2T25

CLAUDIA is an affordable linear lighting solution with good light control and fixed LED pitch. To accompany the previously released symmetric beams, the new CLAUDIA-Z2T25 has a double asymmetric light distribution that is perfect for efficient aisle and shelf lighting.


Our selection of extrusion optics with precise light control gets ever stronger with the addition of a ~90°+100° beam.

DAISY-7X1 optics in white matt colourDAISY-7X1-W/WW-WHT-MATT

DAISY is a range of elegant optics suitable for premium office, retail or any other general lighting environment and is now available in matt white with a 7X1 form factor.

LEDiL LINNEA-Z2T25 optics in PMMALINNEA-Z2T25 optics in PMMA

Our versatile linear lighting product family LINNEA gets two new PMMA versions. LINNEA-Z2T25 has a double asymmetric beam for aisle and shelf lighting and comes in two mechanical variants for either 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm thick metal sheets or profiles.

LEDiL new TYRA reflectorsTYRA

The new TYRA and TYRA2, our small reflectors for big LEDs, now have improved heat resistance and are available with or without installation tape.