LEDiL DAISY-8X1 Dark Light opticsDAISY-8X1 – The perfect Dark Light in 12 inches (305 mm) with 1.5-inch (38.1 mm) LED pitch

DAISY-8X1 is the latest addition to the DAISY family of low glare optics for premium office, retail and general lighting. DAISY-8X1 is just 12 inches long and has been designed to match up with the US ceiling grid. This Dark Light solution combines great aesthetics with efficient, human centric lighting thanks to excellent tunable white performance and enables the creation of beautiful, continuous row luminaires for a seamless look. Optics are available in matt black or white with beam angles to support different ceiling heights. DAISY-8X1 is optimized for a cluster of 2835 LEDs and compatible with up to 5630 size mid-power LED packages.

LEDiL DAISY-7X1-W2-D opticsDAISY-7X1

The DAISY-7X1-W2-D has a tighter cutoff for even lower UGR with an approximate 50° wide beam, and together with diffused lenses the beams is very uniform and smooth. The optics are optimized for 2835 and compatible with up to 5630 size mid-power LED packages.

LEDiL LINDA extrusion in 3 metreLINDA extrusions available in 3 metre lengths

LINDA, the first industrial scale, mass-produced extrusion optic with precise light control for retail lighting is now available in 3-metre standard length. The 24 mm wide optics are made of diffused PMMA for high optical efficiency and exceptional colour-over-angle performance. LINDA optics are extremely easy to install by either pressing or sliding the lenses into the luminaire housings.