DAISY-7X1-BW for uniform, glare-free office lighting

Stylish, continuous row lighting setups for elegant yet efficient office lighting.

Good general lighting in offices provides sufficient illumination to allow people to see and work comfortably without causing glare or eye strain. A well-designed lighting system provides uniform illumination throughout the space, eliminating any dark or shadowed areas that can cause visual discomfort.
DAISY-7X1-BW, our newest addition to the DAISY family, is an excellent choice for general office lighting. It provides superb surface uniformity on illuminated objects or surfaces due to the batwing-type beam of the lens. Moreover, the beam widens transversely, enabling increased spacing between luminaire rows while maintaining excellent glare control. The lens guarantees optimal lighting conditions for office workers, with a UGR <19 rating.


If you’re looking for a solution for continuous row lighting installations, the most typical lighting set up in offices, DAISY-7X1-BW is the perfect choice. It enables uniform, glare-free illumination throughout the entire workspace while minimising energy consumption.

DAISY-7X1-BW comes in six shade options, including black, white, and metallic colours with both gloss and matt finishes. This means you can choose the shade that best matches your office design aesthetic or luminaire portfolio.

DAISY-7X1-BW is optimised for 2835 2×2 mid-power LED clusters providing efficient, worker-friendly office lighting.



Indoor/Office lighting/Dark light

Indoor/Office lighting/Downlighting

Indoor/Office lighting/Linear lighting

Indoor/Office lighting/Office batwing

Indoor/Office lighting/UGR optimized lighting