NEW PRODUCTS 2019-06-13

New products for June 2019. DAISY-7X1 is now available in glossy white, matt white and matt black. DAISY-2X2 now also comes in glossy white, while the 16 lens STRADELLA 50 x 50 mm gets a new ME beam for street lighting. We have also added a new oval beam to our 40 mm wide linear lens family LINNEA in PMMA.

DAISY-7X1 now in matt black, matt white and glossy white

Complementing the previously released DAISY-7X1-W and -WW beams in glossy black, these same beam variants are now available in matt black, glossy white and matt white to suite various luminaire designs and tastes.

DAISY-2X2 in glossy white

Previously only available in glossy black, DAISY-2X2 is now also available in glossy white.


50 x 50 mm 16 lens array with ME beam and excellent longitudinal luminance uniformity. Fully complies with EN13201 M-class requirements where road width is equal to or less than the pole height.


LINNEA, our 40 mm wide linear lens family for mid power LEDs, gets a new beam variant made from highly efficient PMMA. The oval version has ~35° + 70° beam and is the perfect solution for aisle lighting in stores and warehouses. LINNEA-O-PMMA is available in two mechanical variants for profile thickness of 0.5 and 1.0 mm respectively.