NEW PRODUCTS - 2018-08-20

So you think it’s been hot this summer? Wait until your get your hands on LEIA – a super sharp light for architectural lighting with a single high-power LED. For street lighting we give you a new ingress protected MX-series optics with 8 lenses in the array. Read further to learn more about our latest LED optics.

LEDiL new product LEIA LEDiL new product STRADA-IP-8MX-T2-C LEDiL new product STRADA-2X2-FR LEDiL new product STRADELLA-IP-28-SCL LEDiL 2X6 LED optics now in PC


LEIA is the latest in an ever-growing range of architectural and decorative lighting solutions from LEDiL. With an extremely narrow blade-like beam and sharp cutoff LEIA can achieve the extraordinary – highly efficient light from just a single LED source.

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A new street lighting family that combines the advantages of the well-proven LEDiL 2X2MX platform with the popularity of 5050 size LED packages.

90 x 90 mm optics with 8 individual lenses allows excellent lm/w compared to 3535 size high power ceramic LED packages.

With up to IP67 ingress protection and made of tough polycarbonate the lens can withstand heat and moisture while still performing efficiently, even without protective glass.

The first beam available is T2-C. With IESNA Type II (medium) light distribution and added house side backlight it has been designed for tilted and long armatures.

Road lighting example with STRADA-IP-8MX-T2-C-PC


New 2X2 STRADA lens with asymmetric light distribution especially designed to meet requirements for lighting railway tracks.

Railway track lighting example with STRADA-2X2-FR


100 x 100 mm 28-up lens module with Type II/III (Long) light distribution for very wide pole to pole distances. Ideal for pedestrian walkways and residential roads. (EN13201 P-classes). Ingress protection for up to IP67 and available in both PMMA and PC.


We have launched a host of new 2X6 lenses made from polycarbonate. With ingress protection up to IP67 and high impact resistance, they are an excellent choice for durable street and industrial lighting.